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The illustrated brochure uses illustrations of common plumbing fixtures like a toilet and sink to explain where cross-connections may be found and how to protect them from possibly contaminating the water supply.

Cross-Connections are not limited to restaurants, factories or other large establishments; they may be
prevalent in the home as well. The USC Foundation has put together an illustrated brochure highlighting
possible cross-connections that may be found in the home.

For example, a toilet needs water to flush the waste material into the sewer system, therefore, it is essential that the fill-valve (ballcock) inside of the toilet tank is the correct type so that the contents of the toilet do not get back into the drinking water system in the home. Other items illustrated in the brochure include boilers, hose bibs and irrigation systems. 

The illustrated brochure is ideal to create awareness among communities about cross-connections found in the home.

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